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Custom Backpacks with logo are always one of the best promotional gifts to offer to customers. They are very practical and appeals to a wide range of audiences. Furthermore, you can customise the design of the backpack, such as the material or colour, to well suit your brand

We have these amazing custom backpack designs that will make great branded sports merchandise!

We also can do bags such as sling bag, sachels, fanny packs, duffel bags, and shoe bags

Why roll them out in your brand promotion?

Entice Shoppers

These promotional backpacks could be offered as a free gift incentive to participants whenever they signup for an event like a marathon or a sports tournament. Hence, this will attract them more to join as they will receive a high-end gift as an additional benefit. Totally, worth the money for them! For you, offering backpacks is an effective method for fully-utilized sponsorship activation.

Furthermore, Sports and Drinks companies are a perfect match when it comes to marketing gifts, as both companies will receive mutual benefits. These custom backpacks with logo promotion could be a joint collaboration to draw more customers. They could be offered as gift-with-purchases, redemption gifts, or contest giveaways.

Brand Placement

You can have your brand name printed –  through sublimation, or embroidery, on the body of the bag for greater brand visibility. Also, you can have large logo placement on the product. Bags serve as a mobile advertisement. Clients, customers, and employees will take your brand to the streets and boost brand awareness.

Brand Recall

The material of the bag is durable and long-lasting, so users can use the bag for a long time. Whenever they see your brand logo printed on the backpack, they will immediately remember your product or sports event. They are also reminded of the premium gifts they received from you. Hence, your brand will have a long-lasting impression ingrained in your customer’s mind. Moreover, they may continue to support your brand, thus ensuring continual brand loyalty.

How eternal china gift factory can help

Custom backpacks with logo indeed are amazing giveaway ideas for sports brands and are suitable for any kind of promotions, be it event merchandise, in-store promotions, or giveaway prizes. Either way, it will for sure draw the attention of many people and help boost your brand awareness and image for effective sponsorship activation.