2pcs/set Metal pen & note book gifts

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  • Description rubber band notebook notebook pen gift set

    Gift includes : A5 notebook + metal signature pen + gift box + handbag

    Logo design:

    # Quality Metal Pen + logo laser engrave 1 position
    # A5 Note book + logo debossed
    # Gift box + logo hot stamping gold or silver
    Gift bag + logo hot stamping gold or silver

    Product size: Notebook 215*150mm Signature pen: 10*135mm
    Gift box size: 210*230*35mm Handbag: 240*265*50mm

    Setup cost No Setup cost
    Shiping Read to ship (Production time)  2-3 Weeks
    Sea Shipping to Client’s door time (Production+sea shiping time) 8-9 Weeks
    Air Shipping to Client’door time (Production+air shipping time) 4-5Weeks


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